Embracing the Feminine


Acrylic and mixed media
0.75m x 1.5m

My purpose for being is to embrace all aspects of who I am. In this process I will encounter my judgements… These judgments too are to be embraced...
– Unknown

Disillusionment with yourself must precede enlightenment
– Vernon Howard

The shadow wears many faces: fearful, greedy, angry, vindictive, evil, selfish, manipulative, lazy, controlling, hostile, ugly, undeserving, cheap, weak, critical, judgemental… The list goes on and on… Everything we hate, resist, or disown about ourselves takes on a life of its own, undermining our feelings of worthiness, When we come face-to-face with our dark side our first instinct is to turn away… Ironically, it’s these hidden aspects we’ve rejected that need the most attention. When we locked away those parts of ourselves we didn’t like, unknowingly, we sealed away our most valuable treasures. 
Dark side of the Light chasers, Debbie Ford

Do I contradict myself?
Very well then, I contradict myself.
(I am large, I contain multitudes.)
– Song of myself, Walt Whitman

  • Original available for purchase


These bold collages span one to two square metres. The collages embody emotion and movement through the layers and allow the viewer to interact with the work visually and through touch… The use of acrylic paint makes the work relatively hard-wearing…


The beauty of expressions... Pitt is a soft charcoal that allows for lovely textures and contrasts, making it well suited to portraiture. It continues to be my favoured medium.


The paintings are abstract and convey a mood or play on a theme…

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